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Classic cashmere crewneck sweater
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Classic cashmere crewneck sweater

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Women's cashmere crewneck sweater is the basic element of your wardrobe

Sweater has long been a favorite type of clothing for modern women. Surely in the wardrobe of each fashionista, you can find about a dozen models designed for different life situations. As for the beautiful and elegant clothes, the female cashmere sweater definitely looks more elegant and richer than some dresses.

Cashmere: how to choose & how to wear

Cashmere brought Bonaparte to Europe, and initially from the wool of goats they made shawls that were very appreciated by the nobility. In the first half of the 20th century, several fashion houses began to produce clothes from this rare wool, and today cashmere items (or with the addition of cashmere in yarn) are made not only by top brands, but also by mass-market brands. Usually manufacturers of cashmere items indicate the density in the number of threads in the yarn: 2, 4, 6 or 8 threads. Good cashmere fully satisfies this feminine need for possessing beautiful and versatile things. Cashmere sweaters, turtlenecks, cardigans, pullovers and scarves make the winter cozy and the summer comfortable, they warm reliably, are tactile (don't prick, don't irritate the skin), socks are generally beautiful.

Fabric and available shades of classic cashmere crewneck sweater

100% inner mongolian two-ply cashmere. There are an awesome shades presented in such model of sweater: 1) charcoal heather; 2) classic black; 3) fig heather; 4) iced berry heather; 5) light gray heather; 6) light ocean heather; 7) saddle heather; 8) storm teal heather; 9) true navy. So here you will find your color!
What to wear with cashmere sweater
After all, a cashmere sweater is not only a warm, light, beautiful thing, but also a reasonable investment of money. Choosing the right model, which will become the basic element of your wardrobe, will always help you look stylish and flawless. It blends harmoniously with spacious lightweight denim trousers and a cotton jacket.
Classic cashmere crewneck sweater
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